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In conjunction with the WBUR iLab, Circle Round is the first sound-rich storytelling podcast for children ages 3-10. Featuring prominent actors from theater, film and television, Circle Round tells folktales from around the world, and delves into important topics such as kindness, perspective, persistence and generosity.

A collaboration with the Washington Post and WBUR in Boston, Edge of Fame is an exploration of the life that happens before, behind and beyond the spotlight. Blending in-depth interviews with off-the-cuff field recordings, host Geoff Edgers paints intimate, surprising audio portraits of actors, musicians and comedians -- from beloved performers you think you already know to up-and-comers bursting onto the scene.  You’ll learn who these people really are: where they come from, what drives them to create, and what keeps them up at night. Other podcasts might cover artists; Geoff Edgers uncovers them.

A collaboration with Slate Magazine, Placemakers is a limited-series podcast about the spaces we inhabit and the people who shape them. Through in-depth interviews and long-form storytelling, each episode explores one person making a difference in his or her community, from a transgender elder creating affordable housing for LGBT seniors, to an arborist-turned-activist giving Syrian refugees a soft place to land.

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